used engines and gearboxes up to 200,- Euro (only collect by yourself)


About us

The story of Günter Markhof GmbH began in the late 1980s with the purchase of a Fiat 500 F in the German version.

At that time, the Italian, small (est) cars still mostly used as a cheap means of transportation for everyday life and were also often inappropriate due to poor maintenance condition.

Even with the acquired Fiat 500 F for the year 1971, the body panel carried out repairs and improvements to the original white paint appeared rather bad. This should soon change, however.

Numerous visits to italian vintage markets and local auto recycler first led to the purchase of specially (for their own car) needed spare parts, later also for an ever growing collection of new and used parts for Fiat 500 and Fiat 126.

The complement of the range by spare parts from many manufacturers from all over Europe and through special several in-house productions  allowed us in 1993 to open a trade of spare parts for Fiat classic in Cologne. Since 2001, we find ourselves in the present premises in Hennef-Wellesberg.

By personal presence at various national, and international Fiat meetings, our young company quickly enjoyed great popularity in Europe..

Today gives us the multilingual online shop and a professional inventory management system, to supply the Fiat enthusiasts worldwide with spare parts and accessories. Our clients have over 2500 items to choose from..

By striving for constant new acquisitions and a comprehensive inventory, we are able to deliver 90 percent of the items offered immediately.

 As we continue to restore and repair vehicles and put us in a position to evaluate our products in terms of quality and performance and test. Some of our long-range tests, see the section Galleries (North Cape Tour / Norway, Rome / Italy, Kirunha / North Sweden, etc.).

Our customers therefore benefit not only from our theoretical knowledge, but also on our practical experience with Fiat classics.